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1.JYM1280 sand block machine technical introduction:
Differing with semi-automatic fly ash hydraulic brick making machine, automatic unit is with higher productivity and automation level.Usually automatic fly ash hydraulic brick machine’s output is higher, and its end products are more likely to be used in higher building project.Automatic fly ash hydraulic brick machine belongs to the type of hydraulic transmission vibrating.The strength of standard block formed can reach 15Mpa, which is hugely higher than the requirements for compressive strength in national standard.PLC automatic operation is available under computerizing control.8 operators is enough for controlling the whole equipment.

2.JYM1280 sand block machine technical parameters:


Name of parameters



Fully automatic hydraulic brick machine



Max. Pressure(KN)



Max.feeding height (mm)



Molding cycle(s)



Exhaust times



Size of end products

Standard brick:240×115×53 mm
Hollow brick:240×115×90 mm
Hollow block:390×190×190 mm


Pieces of each molding

38~40 s


Row of mold



Productivity of standard brick (ten thousands)



Rate of finished products (%)



 Time for mold replacement(hour)



Overall power (kW)



Driving power (kW)



Overall dimension(length×width×height)

7800×3290×4630 mm


Overall weight(Ton)


sand block machine
3.Automatic hydraulic sand block machine trouble:
JYM1280 Fly ash automatic hydraulic block making machine easily results in dust pollution.Especially it possibly damage hydraulic system. Hydraulic pump is the key equipment of hydraulic system.There are too much problems happened before.We concluded the following treatment methods:
1) Oil sucking pipe is blocked. Treatment: clean dust out and make it smooth.
2) Oil sucking pipe is filled by air Treatment: make examination carefully
3) The bolt at the top cover of pump loose. Treatment:Tight the screw until stopping the noise.
4) Oil distributor is blocked by dust Treatment: Take apart of it and clean out the dust under the help of manual.
5) Oil bubble Treatment:Check out whether the oil return pipe sinks in the oil or not, and extend the oil return pipe.
6) Oil is viscous Treatment: Choose suitable hydraulic oil to use.
Hydraulic system of fly ash automatic hydraulic brick machine should be checked regularly.A complete set of examination regulation is necessary for decreasing possibility of damage.

4.JYM1280 Automatic sand block machine speciality.
A.Bona autoclaved brick making machine increases pressure in stages. It can allocate time and pressure scientifically in all three segments of the operation: pre-pressing, molding pressure and pressure maintaining.
B.High forming pressure ensures density and intensity bricks.
C.High level automation is helpful of shortening production time and improving production efficiency.

Bona sticks to supply quality brick making machine with perfect performance and high production efficiency. Experienced technicians are dedicated into research and development, their effort is contributing so much to the new products.Based on strength of research and development, Bona brick making machine is changing construction equipments industry deeply.

5.The technology strength of JYM1280 sand  block machine
Our huge success is based on our constant research and development. Being a customer oriented company, we conduct extensive market research across global markets. Additionally our Research & Development department is well equipped to develop new techniques that assist us to upgrade our products and services. Consistent Research & Development has resulted in the development of innovative construction machines. Bona has 50 years of experience in research and development of block making machine.Numerous block machine designed by Bona are serving the projects at home and abroad.A team with 50 experts is dedicated to research and development of block making machine.They encourages us to continuously develop new block machine to meet various requirements of clients.Bona has its own basement for research and production. Therefore, Bona also can provide one package service such as manufacturing ,installation,maintenance and after-sale service ect.

JYM 1280 autoclaved sand block machine is one of featured products with pretty market prospect. Overseas market experience promotes Bona to expand its business space.More and more new type block making machines are designed and produced by Bona. These machines commonly features environment-friend, energy saving and high efficiency. Good performance and customers’ satisfaction encourages Bona to be the leading manufacture in the line of construction machinery.