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 Fly ash can be used in the process of many kinds of machinery including brick making machine , nowadays, fly ash plays quite an important role in the brick making process, and then in the following section Bona technical team gives you the process of fly ash’s developing road.   
The data show that by the end of October 2006, China's installed power generation capacity has reached 580 million kilowatts, of which thermal power installed capacity accounting for more than 72% of the total, up to more than 200 million tons of fly ash national annual emissions, and increase every year. In terms of our province, the end of 2006, the installed capacity of thermal power of 40 million kilowatts, the annual produce more than 3,000 tons of fly ash, slag and other industrial waste
In general comprehensive utilization of fly ash dose of aspects: production of building materials, construction works (including dams, Chikko, bridges, underground and underwater works), roads, fertilizer production, soil improvement, backfilling (including construction backfill, fill the low-lying land and wasteland filled mine, coal mining subsidence area, tideland, etc.) and the production of other products
resource recycling, improve the comprehensive utilization of fly ash, the development of recycling economy, is one the country's major events. Comprehensive utilization of fly ash has been developed in our country for many years, has been by national attention, and get some results and experiences