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 Double vacuum extruder applicable to level gangue, shale, fly ash and raw materials such as clay production of hollow bricks. The mixer shafts, mud knife big on the axis and nakedness to wait, all the time, coating, quenching process; Reducer gear tooth surface are hard; The clutch pressure type screw patent technology, greatly improved the service life of equipment. At the same time, the brick machine reasonable design, compact structure, no need to install the anchor bolts can smooth running, can greatly reduce the equipment operation process for the consumption of dithering... Use this equipment technology, can reuse saving energy consumption, and has the obvious economic benefits and social benefit.

Vacuum brick machine factory raw material classification and features:
Our traditional wall material is based on clay major raw materials for the production of solid clay brick, its craft level is low, backward in technology. Heavy, destruction of the environment, the problem of high energy consumption; The brick making machine price efficiency is low, the major masonry, heat preservation sex difference, the seismic performance defects such as weak, already can not adapt to the far the requirements of the development of modern architecture