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 When you buy a product in the brick making machine factory product will meet do not understand and choose not to the ideal products, clay brick machine technology. Now to offer you some of the related clay brick machine related the material, give you a reference, buy the product in future to understand.

Our company introduces below the detailed product information including appearance narrative, the internal structure of the narrative, the operation of equipment narrative. Clay brick machine factory use the steel plate, the whole cast steel welded, spindle, pressure city-state bearing a mechanical processing position overall, the stable performance is good spindle maze &sealed ring, equipment does not need to hit the foundation can smooth running, easy to have the user devices and mobile.
Clay brick machine factory boxes and mud city-state bearing pressure cylinder separation Settings, bearing not easily into the mud with long service life. Pressure by double insurance device city-state, won't because screw broken into mud cylinder and impact the production. Spindle bearing and pressure gear soaked in the city-state in lubricating oil work, is not easy to wear. The spindle is floating shaft structure, the six parties set of connection, and self-centering, replace the spiral convenient.