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 Reasons of concrete block machine caused noise.

1.Seeing whether there is gas in the tubing oil absorption or suction tubing is too big, the oil viscosity is too high, the resistance of the filter obstruction as well as the oil level is too low, work in a large amount of air, produces vibration and noise,at this point you can be appropriately increase suction tubing diameter, chooses the appropriate hydraulic oil, clean or replace oil filter, etc.
2.Bad block molding machine hydraulic pressure control valve technology, such as poor seating or cooperate with deviation, valve, pressure regulating spring fatigue or damage to the core of the damping orifice obstruction make its action is ineffective and can cause vibration and noise.
3. the work of the gear pump trapped oil will produce strong noise, vane pump blades are stuck in a groove of medium can also cause noise, can consider to choose the pump.
4. Equipment hydraulic electric twist a head and coupling alignment error or coupling and loose coupling, bearing damage, can cause abnormal noise block machine.