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 Now according to the problems often introduce the troubleshooting and maintenance methods, the following 10 points for your reference when determine the cause of the hydraulic block machine problem:

1. According to the auditory judgment hydraulic brick machine, noise big, big needle swing, the oil temperature is too high, wear and tear that may occur is hydraulic brick machine.
2. According to the above points, compare the casing temperature and tank temperature hydraulic brick, such as more than 5 degree centigrade, the temperature difference before and after the hydraulic block machine can be thought of efficiency is very low, it can be used to touch.
3. Check the side tank, oil level indicator needle, such as side cover leaks oil.
4. Check the hydraulic brick machine shaft, connecting oil leak.Most easily occurred with the high temperature, high pressure oil.
5. Check the hydraulic brick machine cylinder speed stops, the cessation of the work.In addition to check under the high temperature and high pressure.If there is a leak piston rod.
6. Understand the hydraulic block machine motor movements, noise and leakage, and so on and so forth.
7. Check the electromagnetic reading voice, the reversing there is no exception.Touch the temperature of the solenoid valve shell, song than the room temperature 30 degree centigrade or so can be regarded as normal.
8. According to the acoustic and pressure gauge to check the voice of the relief valve size and vibration conditions.
9. Observation line everywhere, such as flange, joint, card sets, and the valve oil, or hand over to check;Keep the line bottom clean, so that simple observation that can find oil.The oil generally most easily found under high temperature and high pressure.
10. Check the vibration of the cylinder pipe, valve, brick making machine, check whether installation bolt looseness.