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1.About maintenance of block making machine under high temperature condition:
As we know, regardless of any block making machine, if we expect long service life, maintenance is a necessary. Especially in winter, it is cold, maintenance is extremely important. I list some propose about maintenance of firing brick making machine as follows:
1.Clean out the oil dust, waste materials adhered in the mold chamber, and then paint anti-rust oil. Check out every components to make sure that no any part is damaged, fasten the components loosed, which ensures the block making machine reliable running. Examine the drawing mechanism, forming mechanism, and check out whether the binder surface is abrasion or not. And then weld and polish the damaged parts. Check out the pressing and discharge mechanism. Revise or replace the damaged parts.Examine the leader and wadge mechanism. And remend or replace the parts with crack or discrepancy.
2.Make sure whether there is crack or not in the invisible parts. Make maintenance of the heavily damaged parts subject to engineers’ propose.Check the punch and cutting edge.
hollow block making machine